The Merger review: a bloody ripper of an Australian sports movie

Glenn DunksReviews

The Australian stage is so chock full of great stories that it is a constant oddity of the local film industry that so few of them are ever adapted into movies. I’m not exactly sure how comedian Damian Callinan’s one-man show could have possibly worked on stage considering the logistics of its sprawling character-focused story. […]

The Equalizer 2 review: flaky philosophising and ho-hum action in a middling sequel

Luke BuckmasterReviews

Blue collar heroes who administer vigilante justice tend to be ideologically interesting characters, squashed by the same system they see themselves as morally above. The protagonist of The Equalizer films, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), espouses a conservative ethos, believing bureaucratised institutions have reduced the capacity for basic fairness. Like virtually any character, in life as […]

Skyscraper review: will this ridiculous action movie become a classic?

Luke BuckmasterReviews

The great American critic Andrew Sarris once reflected on what he described as “the hard lesson” of film history, proposing that posterity does not subscribe to the high/low art divide. “The throwaway pictures often become the enduring classics whereas the noble projects often survive only as sure-fire cures for insomnia,” he wrote, suggesting that play-to-the-back-rows […]