BlacKkKlansman review: a dangerously funny comedy

Luke BuckmasterReviews

With his racially-charged historical comedy BlacKkKlansman, veteran firebrand filmmaker Spike Lee finds himself in something resembling the political center – at least in relative terms. Adapted from a non-fiction book by Ron Stallworth, the director offsets the gritty texture and hand-trembling impact of his most memorable work (including Do the Right Thing, Clockers and Chi-Raq) with […]

1% review: Australian biker movie is Sons of Anarchy on steroids

Blake HowardReviews

Director Stephen McCallum’s deafening debut dives into the Australian biker underworld with a roar, grabbing that glamorised Sons of Anarchy image and bludgeoning it to death. The raw and disturbing Macbeth riff from writer and star Matt Nable has no sentimentality for the ‘brotherhood’ of the biker; instead power – sexual, physical and psychological – […]

Mom and Dad review: Nic Cage goes bonkers in an insane horror-comedy

Luke BuckmasterReviews

If the 2014 scary movie The Babadook was a metaphor about the fear of being a bad parent, the bat shit crazy horror-comedy Mom and Dad can be its gnarly counterpoint: a grotesque fantasy about pent-up parental rage exploding into violence and carnage. Writer/director Brian Taylor explores mid-life crisis by way of George Romero-esque contagion, casting Nicolas […]

Cargo review: a poignant Australian zombie movie

Aaron YapReviews

Often when it seems like there’s nowhere for zombie movies to go, a little out-of-left-field film comes along to prove you wrong, squeezing a smidgen more life out of the genre’s exhausted conventions. Aussie epidemic pic Cargo does just that: injecting bracing, subtle layers into long-established flesh-munching lore while not completely reinventing anything. Its family-in-peril […]