Top End Wedding

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Rom-com reuniting The Sapphires director, Wayne Blair, and star Miranda Tapsell. Story follows an engaged couple who head into Australia's remote far north to find an AWOL mother in time for the wedding.


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Comedy, Romance


Rating: M Coarse language


The Guardian


Blair's direction demonstrates significant comedic flair - there are many laugh-out-loud moments - even if the script's scruffy elements cramp his style a little.

FilmInk (Australia)


...Top End Wedding is much, much more than just a fizzy, frolicking romantic comedy, though it's certainly that too.

Hollywood Reporter


The traditional Tiwi love song heard in the final scenes and the joyous faces of the locals - mixing trained actors with nonprofessionals - make the destination warmly satisfying, even if it's sometimes a rough ride getting there.

Screen International


This crowd-pleaser fits the wedding film mould, largely compiled from recognisable parts and adhering to a familiar template. Yet It does, however, build charmingly and convincingly towards a well-earned emotional payoff.

Variety (USA)


"Top End Wedding" strains for broad farce in its tonally yo-yoing first half, before relaxing into a gentler, more poignant tale of familial bonding as the forestalled but inevitable nuptials approach.

Daily Telegraph (Australia)


Top End Wedding, a tale of cultural identity and healing, was something of a passion for project for Tapsell, and in the end, that genuine fervour shines through.

Sydney Morning Herald


The tone is not permitted to become too serious and the feelgood ending is never in doubt. We can also be assured that Blair is going to harness all of the Territory's most spectacular features and show them at their most beguiling. (Graeme Tuckett)


Not knowing what to expect, I ended up cheerfully besotted with this film.