These Final Hours

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It's never too late to find someone worth living for.

Residents of Perth, Australia, face the end of days as a meteor destined for earth nears impact. With the deadline only hours away and the population rioting, self-absorbed James (Nathan Phillips, Wolf Creek) heads to the ultimate party-to-end-all-parties. On his way, his plans are abandoned as he stops to help a young girl (Angourie Rice, Walking with Dinosaurs) searching desperately for her missing father.


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Drama, Thriller


Rating: MA15+ Strong themes, violence, sex scenes and coarse language


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Screen Daily (USA)


It’s not the obvious city to host the murderous mayhem and rampant immorality of Earth’s very last day. Hilditch fights hard to keep ever-encroaching silliness at bay... a standout performance from 12-year-old Angourie Rice grounds the bizarre events whenever she’s onscreen.

SBS (Australia)


May be that rare beast –a low budget Australian film that could satisfy a multiplex audience in search of an edge-of-the-seat thrill.

Urban Cinefile (Australia)


An attention grabbing debut.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3D


A symbolic work that fires from multiple cannons.

Film Ink (Australia)


A scorching debut feature with this emotionally explosive apocalyptic drama.

The Australian


If it's spectacle you want, those final moments are hard to beat. All reservations aside, it's a terrific movie.

At The Movies (Australia)


There is no doubting Zac Hilditch's visual skills but his screenplay seems slightly underdeveloped, too much surface and not enough grit or character development.