The Second

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Truth is deadlier than fiction.

A writer (Rachael Blake) struggles to complete her second novel after the whirlwind success of her debut in this Australian thriller, the first original film from streaming company Stan.

The writer's publisher (Vince Colosimo), whisks her off to an isolated house in the countryside in the hopes of helping her focus on her writing. When an old childhood friend, played by Susie Porter, shows up unexpectedly to visit, relationships quickly become strained but this dramatic disruption just may be the perfect muse for a blocked up writer.


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Mystery, Thriller


Rating: MA15+ Strong sex scenes


Cinema Australia


Elegant, gripping, sexy and seductive.

The Guardian


Cameron’s unusually bright aesthetic summoned in me equal feelings of awe and incredulity.

Variety (USA)


"The Second" is a sexy and satisfying thriller that toys with time, memory and the provocative side of storytelling.