The Gandhi Murder

Independent India's first political assassination.

Releasing on the 71st anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's death, this based on fact story follows the events that led to the Indian leader's eventual assassination. As hard-liners began to grow roots in a divided India, three police officers take steps in an effort to ward of the growing threat on Gandhi's life.


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Drama, True Story & Biography, Historical


Rating: MA15+ Strong violence


Los Angeles Times


Its timely messages become muted amid a kaleidoscope of settings, characters, brusque action scenes, blunt speechifying and wan romance.

New York Times


"The Gandhi Murder" begins with a claim to be "based on verified facts." Given the overall shoddiness of the production... those facts are probably worth reverifying.

The Guardian


We may not witness an eggier film all year.

Great epic film

I saw this movie in Dubai and it was really good and the music score was stellar who created it?..