The Christmas Chronicles

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Kurt Russell is Santa Claus in this Netflix-produced, festive family comedy directed by Clay Kaytis (The Angry Birds Movie).

Siblings Kate and Teddy try to prove Santa Claus is real, but when they accidentally cause his sleigh to crash, they have to help him save Christmas.

NZ Herald (Dominic Corry)


It's of a higher quality than most TV movies or direct-to-video films, but doesn't quite rise to the level of a theatre-released work.

Sydney Morning Herald


[A] thoroughly enjoyable confection.

Empire (UK)


It's as predictable as an Advent calendar, but thanks to Kurt Russell's grizzly charms, The Christmas Chronicles at least gives us one of the movies' best Santas yet.

Variety (USA)


With its saccharine score, saturated cinematography, and trite platitudes, the film is formulaic and forgettable except for Kurt Russell's performance as the lovable legend.

Los Angeles Times


Russell, he of the shaggy mane and those twinkly, crinkly eyes, digs into the classic role with a sleighful of energy, humour and gusto, deftly making the character his own with guidance from Matt Lieberman's inventive, myth-bending script.

The Guardian


Between the atrocious green-screen work, the blatant stock footage helicopter shots of city skylines and painfully obvious Toronto-for-America locations, you would be forgiven for thinking this movie was made in 1992.

The Times (UK)


This festive family adventure for Netflix leaves you with a hyperglycaemic glow, and that's mainly down to Kurt Russell as the most likeable Santa Claus in years.