That's Not Me

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Sometimes success and failure look identical.

An aspiring actor takes advantage of her identical twin's success and fame in this Australian indie influenced by Girls and Bridesmaids.

"Polly [Alice Foulcher] considers herself a serious actress, waiting for the role that best suits her considerable talents. But her acting dreams start to crumble when her identical twin Amy [also played by Foulcher] lands a lead role in an HBO show and starts dating co-star Jared Leto. A disastrous trip to LA does little to help matters, but the unbearable situation becomes a little better when Polly discovers that she can use her sister's celebrity to her advantage to get free clothes, free booze and casual sex." (Sydney Film Festival)

Guardian (UK)


An outstanding performance from emerging actor Alice Foulcher takes this lean and plucky film about stymied ambition to another level.

Time Out Australia


A clever low budget comedy satirises the Aussie actors in LA phenomenon.