Swing Kids (2018)

A rebellious North Korean soldier falls in love with tap dancing during the Korean War in this musical drama based on the musical Rho Ki-soo. While being held captive as a prisoner-of-war, Rho Ki-soo (Do) is encouraged by the P.O.W. Camp's U.S. sergeant to channel his interests into dancing.


Directed by

Written by

Drama, Musical, War, World Cinema


Rating: MA15+ Strong violence

Korean and English with English subtitles

South Korea

Hollywood Reporter


The plot's light and dark elements... start clashing halfway through this overlong feature and never resolve.

Los Angeles Times


Though a bit longer than necessary, the movie tells an engaging, enjoyable story, peppered with impressive dance numbers.

Variety (USA)


By the end, fancifully snappy dance numbers vie with grisly bullet ballet for top setpiece honors: Kang stages both with aplomb, leaving audiences caught between crying and cheering.

South China Morning Post


An ill-fitting hodgepodge of half-baked ideas and unrealised potential.