Sometimes Always Never

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Family is a four letter word.

Bill Nighy is a tailor who closes up shop to move in with his surly son Peter (Sam Riley), who stormed out of the family home years ago after a particularly heated round of Scrabble, in this comedy-drama.


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Comedy, Drama, Festival & Independent


Rating: PG Mild themes and sexual references


Screen International


The whimsy, in both script and visuals, can sometimes be grating.

The Guardian


This film is a distinct, articulate pleasure.

FilmInk (Australia)


...sweet without being cloying and quirky without being stupid...

Urban Cinefile


Don't lose sight of what you already have when searching for the elusive dream is the moral of this drama that explores the complex relationship between father and son.

Adelaide Review


Often so self-consciously 'quirky' that you might occasionally want to scream, Sometimes Always Never is an odd, sad character piece that never really comes together, and feels fey and even twee.

Sydney Morning Herald


The appeal of a Bill Nighy character is hard to pin down. While his overall attitude to life is pessimistic, an irresistible desire to look for the joke lurking behind the bad news keeps breaking through and brightening the picture.