Rip Tide

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She's a fashionista out of water.

Disney star Debby Ryan makes her Australian film debut in this tween feature about surfing, romance and deciding what to do with your life.

"There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have to make a decision about the direction you’re going to take. For newly-18 American fashion model Cora (Ryan), that time is now. She’s moved to a Australian coastal town to be with her favourite aunt, after a ‘fashion faux pas’ back home. At first she feels isolated, but soon romance and new friendships start to bloom, and Cora must decide between returning to the modelling career driven by her ambitious mother, or staying with the community that has welcomed her in." (Sydney Film Festival)

FilmInk (Australia)


The story is nothing new and the performances are a little uneven, but the positivity of Rip Tide is contagious, while its standing as a modest piece of cinematic female empowerment ... can't be understated.