Reaching for the Moon

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Two iconic women, one passion.

Love story, set in 1950s Rio, telling the true story of American poet Elizabeth Bishop (Mirando Otto) and her love affair with the Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares (Glória Pires).

In need of some respite from her Manhattan life and writer's block, Elizabeth heads to Brazil where she meets Mary, an old friend who is staying at Lota’s sprawling estate. Elizabeth is uneasy after learning the two women are lovers, and her sensitivity sees her subjected to Lota’s taunts. Their opposing temperaments and political ideologies, together with Lota’s ongoing connection with Mary, fuel tension, but the pair’s instant attraction eventually blossoms into a full-blown love affair.


Directed by

  • Bruno Barreto('View from the Top', 'Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands', 'Last Stop 174', 'Four Days in September')

Written by

Biography, Drama, Romance


Rating: M Mature themes and coarse language

English and Portuguese with English subtitles


Guardian (UK)


The atrociously sentimental score is an irritant, but the performances are solid.

Time Out London


A classy, grown-up drama.

New York Times


Barreto assuredly embraces an approach that's counter to much received wisdom about Bishop's life and work. But his film ultimately dooms itself.

Hollywood Reporter


An exotic love story becomes an empowering portrait of two highly gifted women who defy social convention.

Variety (USA)


Intimate, affecting, somewhat lumpily paced biopic.

At The Movies (Australia)


A strong life-force and sensuality pulsating throughout this, expressed in the music, in the dramatic lines and textures of Lota's buildings.

Visually stunning

The weakness of the plot is sufficiently compensated by the aesthetic beauty of the picture and the soundtrack.