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The battle for Earth begins with rebellion.

Outback alien invasion actioner with Dan Ewing and Temuera Morrison as part of a mob of locals that rise up against the intruders.

After their small Australian country town is annihilated by an overwhelming airborne attack, a group of civilians evade capture and discover they are now among the last remaining survivors of an extraterrestrial invasion engulfing the entire planet.


Directed by

Action, Science Fiction


Rating: M Science fiction themes, violence and coarse language


Sydney Morning Herald


A small-town soap with intergalactic embellishments. Picture A Country Practice invaded by aliens.

Los Angeles Times


This is the rare action movie that's almost more exciting when the characters put down their guns and take up an argument.

Stuff.co.nz (James Croot)


Occupation (a second film is already in the works) feels like a film that wants to be the next Tomorrow When the War Began, but sometimes seems more akin to Peter Jackson's debut Bad Taste - without the laughs.

Village Voice


Occupation is an action-movie throwback, a comfortable old combat boot. It's rousing in the old, familiar ways, but shouldn't all that sound and fury signify something?

Stuff.co.nz (Graeme Tuckett)


About 20 minutes in it all goes a bit yeah, nah.

NZ Herald (Karl Puschmann)


Clearly hoping to capture an old-school feel, the movie is just too long and too cliched, bordering on ridiculous towards its end. Even the soundtrack, which swells to epic heights as often as possible, feels cheesy rather than stirring.