Me & My Left Brain

An OCD-sufferer obsesses over his crush over one sleepless night in this Australian comedy written and directed by and starring Alex Lykos (Alex & Eve).

Arthur (Lykos) has been spending time with Helen (Chantelle Barry) but can't make out where he stands with her. Arthur finally calls her to set things straight, but can't get hold of her before he needs to sleep before his morning job interview. And so begins a sleepless night of deep reflection and bickering with his opposing inner voice (voiced by Malcolm Kennard, The Matrix Reloaded).


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Comedy, Festival & Independent


Rating: M Crude sexual humour and coarse language


FilmInk (Australia)


Through his snappy dialogue, Lykos captures that never-ending circle of a thought process where you manage to put something to bed before a fresh new detail arrives on the scene to unpick everything.

The Curb (Australia)


This is a fine start to a career, and hopefully it’s not long before Lykos is back on screen.