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Mad Max - Fury Road

Wow, hasn’t the kid from ‘About A Boy’ changed a lot! To me this film is not so much a remake of Mel Gibson’s starting fame, but kinda of more ‘Mad Max2 - Road Warrior’. The next film actually being the prequel to this, the start of Max’s madness, because the short 2min narration at the start is just not enough to get newbies into the Max groove. In saying that, masses of car carnage and motor-porn, so enough to keep the men entertained. He doesn't want a girlfriend, revenge or a new car, he just wants the voices in his head to stop!

Genre : Action, post-apocolyptic, adventure

4/5 : The car action really brings it home, and I really did enjoy it, but just felt it didn’t have enough of a grab apart from car action.