Mad Max: Fury Road

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What a lovely day.

Director George Miller (director of the first three Mad Max's and, um, Happy Feet) brings the dystopian classic of Australian New Wave cinema back, with Tom Hardy as Max. Co-stars Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is fighting over the necessities of life. There are two rebels who can restore order: there’s Max (Hardy), and Furiosa (Theron) - a woman who believes her path to survival is across the desert, back to her homeland.



Winner of 6 Oscars (Editing, Production Design, Costumes, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Make-Up and Hair) at the 2016 Academy Awards; Best Editing, Production Design, Costume Design and MakeUp/Hair at the 2016 BAFTA Awards

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Action, Adventure, Blockbuster


Rating: MA15+ Strong violence and post-apocalyptic themes


The brutal Mad Max universe hasn’t gotten any softer with time, nor has director George Miller, now in his 70s and revisiting the devastated future he last brought to the screen in 1985’s Beyond Thunderdome. Essentially a two-hour chase, Fury Road is a brilliant example of a broad palette of filmmaking techniques applied in service of a gripping thrill-ride that seldom relents.

The big budget is matched by massive creativity, ranging from subtle makeup effects distinguishing one sad future freak from another to a staggering number of crazy and often-enormous future battle vehicles in epic confrontations. A strong emphasis on practical effects is bolstered, not replaced, by CGI work that’s always in keeping with the Mad Max aesthetic, with vehicular carnage that’s truly something to behold, and constantly rich in variety.

Miller’s had plenty of time to continue his world-building, and it shows, with Fury Road rich in details that thankfully don’t require explanation. The same is true of key narrative elements, the film respecting its audience, showing instead of telling, and proving continually intriguing in the process.

The constant chase helps newcomers, who’ll be just as able to follow events as hardcore fans. And in Tom Hardy the film has found its perfect Max, an actor possessed of great presence, requiring little dialogue, happy to have his face obscured and be relegated to the sidelines of first act skirmishes, and able to project a physical resemblance to predecessor Mad Mel where required.

A modern action classic that’s not beholden to contemporary or past stylistic trends, Fury Road is its own unique beast, perhaps beamed in from a parallel universe where the last thirty years of action movies have been this bloody good the whole time. Maybe it's called Battletruck there too.

Screen International (USA)


Miller pours his heart and soul into some truly visionary and gonzo sequences of vehicular carnage. Kinetic, yet oddly distancing, the film pummels you into awed submission.

Total Film (UK)


The maxed-out madness of Mad Max sets an extraordinarily high bar - then pole-vaults clean over it and smashes the entire rig to smithereens.

Empire (UK)


Max's re-enfranchisement is a triumph of barking-mad imagination, jaw-dropping action, crackpot humour, and acting in the face of a hurricane.

Variety (USA)


"Worth the wait" still seems a puny response to the two hours of ferocious, unfettered B-movie bliss offered by Mad Max: Fury Road.

Hollywood Reporter


This madly entertaining new action extravaganza energetically kicks more ass, as well as all other parts of the anatomy, than any film ever made by a 70-year-old - and does so far more skillfully than those turned out by most young turks half his age.

Time Out New York


Exhilarating... Pretty much the entire film is a screaming death race down Fury Road.

Utter Madness

Fantastic action set pieces and beautifully filmed but with absolutely no story whatsoever.

Brilliant! Just brilliant

I went to this movie with the lowest expectations I have ever reserved for a movie but I left thinking this has made it to my top 10 if not top 5 list. I was initially anti this movie as in the trailer it looked so damn weird. But like they always say 'don't judge a book by it's cover' or in this case a movie by it's trailer. It was fast paced, action packed, had a stellar cast and boy was it weird. The action never stops and it has a few unexpected laughs mainly at the absolute strangeness of it all. It is essentially a car chase that lasts 2 hours give or take. I would highly recommend this providing you are someone who can take it for what it is. 5 star!!!!!

More plot holes than pot holes, a triumph of incredible style over zero substance

What can I say? Being a big fan of the originals, my expectations weren't perticularly high, so I wasn't disppointed for that reason. But I certainly was disapointed... Max wasn't nearly Mad enough (just surly and miserable, like an overgrown teenager) and it was virtually impossible to have any empathy with him or any of the characters. Pretty much spent the film looking forward to them getting wasted as soon as possible. The story didn't hold up to a second of thought, and the whole thing just dragged on as a result. Even the scriptwriters seem to run out of ideas half way through, and just repeated the first section of the movie in reverse (almost exactly!) Looks brilliant, and the actions sequences are fantastic, just don't expect anything else. Shame.

He's Mad for a reason

Mad Max - Fury Road

Wow, hasn’t the kid from ‘About A Boy’ changed a lot! To me this film is not so much a remake of Mel Gibson’s starting fame, but kinda of more ‘Mad Max2 - Road Warrior’. The next film actually being the prequel to this, the start of Max’s madness, because the short 2min narration at the start is just not enough to get newbies into the Max groove. In saying that, masses of car carnage and motor-porn, so enough to keep the men entertained. He doesn't want a girlfriend, revenge or a new car, he just wants the voices in his head to stop!

Genre : Action, post-apocolyptic, adventure

4/5 : The car action really brings it home, and I really did enjoy it, but just felt it didn’t have enough of a grab apart from car action.

Charlize Theron:”There is a second-hand shop on the other side!”

Horrible macho movie, dumb acting, childish concept. For one example baddies appear sick and toothless the goodies look healthy and well fed. The only probably realistic is the obvious stupidity of the female models.

Wacky Races

I didn't get it. They run one way, chased by baddies, then another. Edgy in a way modern dance tries to be edgy. I wanted to punch the guitarist. Reminded me a lot of the first Transformers - amazing visuals, but lacking substance.

Coma Doof Warrior, come play my drive to work ....

Great documentary on Australian culture. Bob Hawe even got a mention - as the Bullet Farmer LOL

This has made reality too boring and slow to be real any more. I need the Coma Doof Warrior playing behind me on my drive to work in the morning!!! And maybe i need to get a new mechanic because my current one wont put in supercharged twin v8 engines under the bonnet of my Daihatsu Sirion. I can imagine getting my passenger to climb out onto the hood to blow some gas into my supercharger during rush hour.

Although Im sure Im wrong this was made for people and about people who spend too much time smoking P and jerking off in junkyards

It does what it says on the can

Truly brilliant action film, Love the characters. Great to see limited CGI, made the film that much better.


Not bad for what is - a long car chase - but forgettable.

mad max road to victory

loved this film unfortchantly i missed the first 7 minutes of it because my friend forgot his id.