Love Serenade

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Two sisters will do anything to hook the right man.

Writer-director Shirley Barrett won the Golden Camera at Cannes for this offbeat Australian comedy starring Mirando Otto and Rebecca Frith (The Missing).

"Dimity (Miranda Otto) and Vicki-Ann (Rebecca Frith) live in the isolated township of Sunray (Tidy Town runner-up). Though we're told nothing explicit about their parents, a wheelchair in their living room speaks volumes, and it seems clear neither girl has ever ventured far from Sunray. Vicki-Ann once had a relationship that ended because of a chainsaw accident; the details aren’t revealed. She works in Hairport, a unisex hair salon, while Dimity, the younger sister, spends her days riding around on her bicycle and her evenings working at the Chinese restaurant owned by Albert Lee (John Alansu). The narrow worlds of these young women are slightly widened with the arrival in town of Ken Sherry (George Shevtsov), an ageing hippie who takes over the town's one-man radio station (3SR, Sounds of Sunray)." (Sydney Film Festival)



Winner of the Golden Camera (Barrett), 1996 Cannes Film Festival

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Comedy, Drama


Rating: M Medium level sex scenes


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