Joe Cinque's Consolation

Australian crime drama based on the non-fiction book by Helen Garner, featuring ex-Neighbours star Maggie Naouri as victim Joe Cinque's unstable, murderous girlfriend.

"It begins as a love story. In 1994, Anu Singh (Naouri), a beautiful and charismatic law student in Canberra, meets fellow student Joe Cinque (Jerome Meyer) and they quickly fall for each other. Theirs is a complex relationship. Anu is driven by ambition but racked with insecurities, and while Joe's gentle and easygoing nature offers her comfort, it also feeds the fires of her neuroses. As her mental state deteriorates, she formulates a malevolent plan to commit suicide and harm Joe. She finds support for this plan in Madhavi (Sacha Joseph), a shy young woman enthralled by Anu and her intricate web of personal problems." (Toronto International Film Festival)


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Crime, Drama


Rating: M Mature themes, drug use, sex scenes and coarse language


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Hollywood Reporter


The film’s coda leaves a bitter taste, and the lack of illumination is flatly unsatisfying, though perhaps faithful for that.

Screen Daily


It’s the performance of former Neighbours actress Maggie Naouri in her film debut that gives this film its punch.

Variety (USA)


Driven by an impressive performance in her feature debut by Maggie Naouri as the damaged and dangerously manipulative Singh, “Joe Cinque’s Consolation” offers a moody and compelling study of the facts...

The Australian


Jerome Meyer and Maggie Naouri are terrific as Joe and Anu, heading a little-known cast that rises to grapple with this draining drama.

Sydney Morning Herald


To the extent that they went in search of an honourable ambiguity, they have succeeded, but there may have been a stronger, more complex film in staying close to Garner's book.

SBS Australia


The middle-class undergraduate mentality of the 1990s is convincingly recreated, and the viewer can't help asking if they themselves would have been clear-headed enough to intervene.

Herald Sun (Australia)


In the end, the success of Joe Cinque's Consolation rests almost entirely on the shoulders of its lead actress, Wentworth's Maggie Naouri.