Inventing Tomorrow

The future is brighter than you think.

Enterprising high school students from Indonesia, India, Mexico and Hawaii tackle environmental issues in their own backyard in this Sundance Grand Jury Prize-nominated documentary.

"In Bangalore, Sahithi is developing an app to track toxic water levels in neighbourhood lakes. Across the globe, in one of Mexico’s most industrial cities, Jesus, Jose and Fernando are exploring ways to improve air quality. Nuha is seeking a solution to the ocean pollution affecting her Indonesian island home, and Jared is investigating arsenic levels in the soil of Hawaii. Director Laura Nix follows these inspiring, innovative and community-minded students as they develop their presentations, finding optimistic experts and fellow enthusiasts along the way." (Sydney Film Festival)


Directed by

  • Laura Nix('The Politics of Fur', 'The Yes Men Are Revolting')

Documentary, Festival & Independent


Rating: PG Mild themes

USA, India, Indonesia, Mexico

Hollywood Reporter


It's an empowering celebration of an oft-mocked high school subspecies, the science nerd, highlighting their endeavours and honoring their community-minded spirit of enterprise.

Variety (USA)


Equally entertaining and inspiring.

Sydney Morning Herald


All of these young adults shine with hope and promise - and that makes the film very moving.

New York Times


By framing the movie as a multipronged narrative that eventually culminates in the big event of the fair itself, it risks prosaicness. But the subjects are winning and heartening, and their mission is one you just can't take issue with.



Watching Inventing Tomorrow, we are reminded of just how vast and layered our current environmental crisis is, and how many different ways our diligence will be needed in the years ahead.

Los Angeles Times


Rooting for these appealing, thinking-globally/acting-locally adolescents is easy as they fret over and fine-tune their presentations.