In Like Flynn

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Before the fame, there as the adventuring.

Thomas Cocquerel (Table 19) is Errol Flynn in this biopic based on Flynn's own memoir. Director Russel Mulcahy casts his gaze back to Flynn's pre-celebrity life of adventuring, opium smuggling, gambling, street fighting, womanising, and gold prospecting.


Directed by

  • Russell Mulcahy('Resident Evil: Extinction', 'Swimming Upstream', 'Highlander')

Written by

Drama, True Story & Biography


Rating: MA15+ Strong violence


Hollywood Reporter


A disgracefully entertaining romp that packs an unexpected emotional wallop.

FilmInk (Australia)

press swings, swashes, and buckles in a way that the man himself would probably have loved.

Sydney Morning Herald


As Flynn, Australian actor Thomas Cocquerel...has the looks but neither the accent nor the urbanity required to bring him back to life.

Urban Cinefile (Louise Keller)


More extraordinary than any fictional film script, this 'mostly true' account of Errol Flynn's exploits before Hollywood days is a ripper. Russell Mulcahy has crafted a wonderfully entertaining film filled with exotic locations, action and surprises.

The Guardian


...this is a fun film constructed in a smart way: an anti-high art picture that happily prioritises embellishing legend over recreating life.