Golden Job

A heist gone wrong turns into a revenge mission in this Hong Kong crime thriller featuring Eric Tsang (Infernal Affairs).

A group of former mercenaries reunite for a heist: boosting a truck full of medicine held by a foreign intelligence agency. But when they find the truck is actually filled with stolen gold, they realise they've been double-crossed by one of their own and set out for revenge.


Directed by

  • Kar Lok Chin('No Problem 2', 'Zui jia pai dang: Zui jie pai dang')

Action, Crime, Thriller, World Cinema


Rating: MA15+ Strong violence

Cantonese with English subtitles

Hong Kong

Hollywood Reporter


Nostalgia is comforting because we know what to expect, and everyone hits their expected marks here.

South China Morning Post


Fans of 1990s triad film series Young and Dangerous will feel a massive surge of nostalgia during Golden Job.

The Straights Times (Singapore)


While fans might enjoy seeing a reunion of sorts, the new title does not quite work on its own terms as it leans too heavily on cliches.