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César Award-nominated director Édouard Deluc teams with Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) for this biopic of French post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, set during his self-imposed exile in Polynesia in 1891.

"Suffering under the weight of what he feels are the constricting mores and stultifying political climate of bourgeois Paris, Gauguin moves to the island of Tahiti, intent on re-discovering his artistic motivation. While immersed in the South Pacific, he experiences solitude, poverty and sickness but also – thanks to a young and captivatingly beautiful ingénue, Téhura (played by newcomer Tuheï Adams) – unrestrained passion and love, which adds fuel to his creative fire." (Alliance Française)


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Drama, True Story & Biography, Romance, World Cinema, Festival & Independent


Rating: M Sex scene and nudity

French and Tahitian with English subtitles


Hollywood Reporter


The love triangle as depicted here isn't a strong enough structure to support either a traditional three-act configuration or a looser association of ideas connected to Gauguin and his life.

The Times (UK)


Vincent Cassel lays on the tortured-artist schtick extra-thick in this ultimately tedious French-language portrait of the artist Paul Gauguin.

FilmInk (Australia)


...a solid, poignantand engaging drama, though not aknockout.

ABC Radio (Australia)


The script must have had a lot of empty white space. This is a truly boring movie, in which barely anything happens.

HeyUGuys (UK)


A fascinating period in Gauguin's life to explore, and couple that with the remarkable lead performance by Cassel, and you're left with a biopic that's most definitely worth catching.