Robert Pattinson (Twilight), Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Robert Forster (Jackie Brown) lead this comedy Western nominated for the Golden Berlin Bear at the 2018 Berlinale.

"It’s a classic tale of the Old West: Samuel Alabaster is a man searching for his true love. Parson Henry is another, much drunker man, searching for a new start. Penelope is a woman who has found her own path. And Rufus Cornell is just a mean bastard with a taste for buckskin. There’s rotgut, rawhide, rootin’, tootin’, and hootin’. Plus, a little tiny horse." (Sundance Film Festival)


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Comedy, Western



Hollywood Reporter


A haywired second half cancels out a diverting first half in this comic Western.

Screen International


But Damsel's real standout is [Mia] Wasikowska, who displays a steeliness as Penelope that's initially surprising but then becomes one of the film's driving forces.

The Guardian (UK)


Pattinson shows he can also play a more sympathetic type of galoot - even crooning a pie-eyed love ballad called Honeybun, which Jonathan Richman might have rejected as too jejune.

The Telegraph (UK)


What kept me smiling right through this overturned odyssey is that the men in it aren't brave pioneers or scary outlaws or any such thing - they're incorrigible nerds, a century before the word was coined.

Variety (USA)


"Damsel" is a comedy of attitude made with the indulgent touch of an art Western. That's a refreshingly original thing, though it's not as blow-you-away cool as the filmmakers seem to think it is.



I was alternately delighted and irritated, though mostly a very happy camper.

Los Angeles Times


"Damsel" is a deadpan art-western prank, a sly fusion of classical technique and postmodern sensibility.