Brothers' Nest

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Two brothers' murder plans go sideways in this Australian black comedy from the director of 2006's Kenny. With their mum dying and intent on changing her will to benefit her new husband, the two bros go to extreme lengths to protect their inheritance.


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Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Festival & Independent


Rating: MA15+ Strong themes, violence and coarse language


Hollywood Reporter


This is a comedy that's blacker than pitch, and tethered enough to unexaggerated human behavior that it can really commit to the consequences of its characters' colossal stupidity.

Slashfilm (USA)


A thriller cut from the Blood Simple cloth, recalling the more serious and stripped down work of Joel and Ethan Coen.

FilmInk (Australia)


...if you're open to its acidic charms, Brothers' Nest is one for the books. (Brian Tallerico)


All of it is razor-sharp, darkly funny, and tense.

Variety (USA)


Though brimming with pitch-black comedy, "Brothers' Nest" actually plays like more of an absurdist tragedy as it pits good brother against good-brother-gone-bad in a cautionary tale of longing and desperation that packs a surprisingly affecting punch.

Sydney Morning Herald


Brothers' Nest is reasonably satisfying as a film about the weird passions of family. It has a certain integrity as that, even if it's not a thigh-slapper.

The Guardian


The Jacobsons have given us another comedy classic, far stranger than the last.