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Wesley Snipes is Blade, a half-vampire, half-mortal man charged with ridding earth of a race of vampires. Also stars Stephen Dorff as leader of the vampires, and Kris Kristofferson as Blade's mortal right hand man.


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Action, Fantasy, Horror



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Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


Wesley Snipes understands the material from the inside out and makes an effective Blade because he knows that the key ingredient in any interesting superhero is not omnipotence, but vulnerability.

Los Angeles Times


The noir atmosphere doesn't quite smother the dialogue's cheesy smell.

New York Times


Although the opening scene suggests a dark urban satire, Blade quickly turns into a cartoonish futuristic action-adventure yarn in which Blade is the only thing keeping humanity from being exterminated by vampires in a hematological holocaust.

Total Film (UK)


This Wesley Snipes one-man show is far from dull. In chunks, it's slick, stylised, violent and has plenty of edge, but is not quite sharp enough to hit your thrill-buttons regularly. No more than a spattered blend of Ghostbusters and Spawn.

Variety (USA)


Though slick and diverting in some aspects, increasingly silly pic has trouble meshing disparate elements --- horror, superhero fantasy, straight-up action --- into a workable whole.

A not so dark vampiro film

Wesley Snipes is grat but not brilliant as a half human half vampire vampire slayer plenty of gory bits and plenty action and light humour along the way also stars Kris Kristoffersonwho plays a father like figure to blade