Believer (Dokjeon)

He is no one, he is everyone.

Detective Won-ho (Jin-woong Cho, The Handmaiden) goes undercover in order to bring down Asia's biggest cartel boss in this South Korean remake of the Johnnie To classic, Drug War. To do this, Won-ho conspires with a pusher named Rak (Jun-yeol Ryu, A Taxi Driver), a member of the gang seeking revenge against the boss.


Directed by

  • Hae-Yeong Lee('Like a Virgin', 'The Story of Mr. Sorry', 'The Silenced')

Action, Crime, World Cinema


Rating: MA15+ Strong themes, violence and drug use

Korean with English subtitles

South Korea

Screen International


Despite the congested narrative, there is much to keep audiences entertained including the compelling performances by the entire cast.

Variety (USA)


Johnnie To's gritty mainland crime epic "Drug War" (2012) is given a slick and mostly effective South Korean re-tooling in "Believer."

FilmInk (Australia)


...Believer is a beautifully shot and paced action thriller.

Los Angeles Times


The action sequences are unspectacular but effective. "Believer" has a well-told, entertaining story...