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Survival is the only option.

Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt) leads this almost dialogue-free survival drama as a man stranded in the Arctic with a life-or-death decision to make. Nominated for the Golden Camera at Cannes 2018.

"The film follows a man (Mikkelsen) stranded in the Arctic, who is finally about to receive his long awaited rescue. However, after a tragic accident, his opportunity is lost and he must then decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his camp or embark on a deadly trek through the unknown for potential salvation." (Cannes Film Festival)


Directed by

Drama, World Cinema, Festival & Independent


Rating: M Occasional coarse language


Guardian (UK)


Mikkelsen hurls himself into proceedings. It’s a performance of intense commitment, one where every grunt and yowl feels agonisingly authentic.

Hollywood Reporter


Elegantly shot, crisp and unfussy, and seamless in its near-invisible use of digital effects, creating a persuasive you-are-there feeling that's rare in these days of flashy CG thrills.

IndieWire (USA)


Arctic works because it’s so believable. The movie never cheats or takes shortcuts.

Telegraph (UK)


This is Penna’s debut feature, and he has set himself a high bar which he just about scrapes over, with Mikkelsen giving the entire project a super-strength leg up.

Variety (USA)


[Penna] doesn’t wow you (though the film, in its level way, is elegantly shot). But he doesn’t cheat you, either, so you come to trust the gravity of his nuts-and-bolts storytelling.

Screen International


One man's struggle for survival is served straight-up and well-chilled in Brazilian YouTube phenomenon Joe Penna's debut feature.

The Times (UK)


Mikkelsen takes commanding centre stage in a guilty-pleasure survival drama with global ambitions.