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In this Swedish sci-fi, passengers on board a spaceship fleeing a ruined Earth to live on Mars are forced to extreme measures when they get knocked off course. Based on Nobel prize-winning author Harry Martinsson's 1956 novel.


Directed by

Written by

Drama, Science Fiction


Rating: R18+ High impact sexualised nudity

Swedish with English subtitles

Denmark, Sweden

Hollywood Reporter


It’s a film that wants to be visionary but isn’t.

Variety (USA)


Both impressive in its scope and intimate in its portrait of human nature under long-term duress.

Screen Daily (UK)


The bleak warning of this environmental parable notwithstanding, this is arresting, frequently unsettling, cinema.

New York Times


Kagerman and Lilja thoughtfully constructed their film, yet they leave nothing for the mind to do besides consume unrelenting tragedy.

Los Angeles Times


It's a grim vision, sure. But it's a compelling one too, using the flash of a space opera to remind viewers that - whether on the ground or in the stars - we're stuck with each other.