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Two men square off over control of a motorcycle gang in this violent Australian crime drama from first-time director Stephen McCallum.

"While Knuck (screenwriter Matt Nable, known in North America for his role on the series Arrow) has been in prison, his surrogate son, Mark, nicknamed "Paddo" (Ryan Corr, Hacksaw Ridge) has minded the store. Paddo has modernized the activities of the club, expanded their enterprise, and brought in new members — all endeavours that threaten Knuck's position on his return. Both men are supported and influenced by their equally strong wives, each woman as rabidly ambitious for her husband as for herself. Tensions mount when Paddo's younger brother, Skink (Josh McConville, The Infinite Man), creates a problem for the club, and Paddo must choose between familial devotion or loyalty to Knuck and the club he heads." (Toronto International Film Festival)


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Rating: MA15+ Strong themes, violence, sexual violence, sex scenes and coarse language


FilmInk (Australia)


...a gloriously rendered and assured debut feature...

Hollywood Reporter


Nable's overly dense script spends too much time exploring the bikers' clashing motivations rather than provoking escalation among rival factions.

Screen International


1% eventually runs aground when it becomes clear that these people are mostly genre clichés, leaving little room for surprise or nuance.

Sydney Morning Herald


This Western Australian biker movie falls short of its ambitions, but at least it has some.

The Guardian


Haven't we seen this movie before?