5 times when the cast of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu took this movie way too seriously

We’re just as keen to see Pokémon: Detective Pikachu as anybody else. Super keen, in fact.

When the first trailer arrived for this zany looking comedy, featuring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the furry yellow hero, we thought: hell yeah. This movie won’t be Citizen Kane but who cares, it looks FUN.

But, while watching a new behind the scenes video featurette that arrived this week, we couldn’t help but notice that everybody involved in the making of this movie seems to be taking it really really seriously. Which made us ask the following question:

He are five things the cast said in this new video that prove our point.

1) “I was excited to do a film that my kids would love, and that I could watch with them.” – Ryan Reynolds

OK so this one isn’t too bad. However every actor with kids who has ever publicised a family movie they’ve worked on has said pretty much these EXACT same words. No points for originality, Ryan.

2) “I’m trying to bring as much personality out through the character as I possibly can.” -Ryan Reynolds

Hmmm, OK. Ryan is an actor and we get it – characters need personality. But he’s starting to sound like he’s a thespian rehearsing for a Shakespearean production.

3) “This cute cuddly thing has Ryan Reynolds’ voice. It’s incredible” – Justice Smith

Really, Justice? Is it REALLY incredible? Why is an actor providing the voice of an animated character incredible?!

4) “You can feel Pikachu. You can tell what Pikachu would be like in real life.” – Kathryn Newton

Maybe Kathryn is reading into this a little too much?

5) “We’ve never seen this kind of interaction before” – Ryan Reynolds again


When Ryan Reynolds says the above words we see clips showing Pikachu riding in a car and Pikachu accidentally hitting Justice Smith in the face with his tail.

What kind of interactions have we never seen before? This just looks like a cute animated character doing things cute animated characters do.

We can tell you guys are passionate but sheesh, this aint Citizen Kane. So allow us to repeat our initial question…

You can watch the full video below.