The strange case of ‘Peter Rabbit’ and the misguided fury over ‘allergy bullying’

Luke BuckmasterOpinion + Features

Before the general public even had a chance to look at the new Peter Rabbit movie, news started making the rounds that the titular big-eared rascal had, true to form, been a very naughty bunny. Controversy emerged, propelled by parents upset with a scene reportedly depicting “irresponsible allergy bullying.” They have launched petitions, called for boycotts and created […]

Bill Murray is coming to Sydney Opera House!

The beloved and inimitable Bill Murray is on his way to Australia. Maybe not yet, but he soon will be. The Sydney Opera House today announced the legendary actor will be making his “concert hall debut” later this year, with the acclaimed German-American cellist Jan Vogler & Friends. Murray and his muso pals won’t arrive […]

Your guide to new films on Netflix and Stan in February

Want to know what films are arriving on Netflix and Stan in February? We’ve got you covered. As usual an assortment of old and new titles are making their way onto the streaming service providers. Some are undisputed classics, while others are recent movies that got torn apart by critics. If you want to watch […]