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Review: From the Get-Go ‘Dunkirk’ is a Relentlessly Tense Affair

Christopher Nolan just can’t help himself. Even when stripping every ounce of fat off a lean, light-in-character-development retelling of WWII’s mass evacuation at Dunkirk (ok, one that was clearly also phenomenally expensive), Nolan weaves in an Inception-like multi-linear narrative that jumps around in time to focus on various characters. But like damn near every decision Nolan [...] Full article

Review: ‘Paris Can Wait’ Feels So Old, Archaeologists Should Carbon Date the Script

Eleanor Coppola (the 80-year-old mother of Sofia and wife of Francis), is best known for her cracking documentary Hearts of Darkness, charting the behind the scenes madness of Apocalypse Now. Whilst that doc rocked, this rom-com road-trip is a pretty tiresome trek, unless you’re with the French tourist board, in which case you’ll love this advert for [...] Full article

Interview: ‘Baby Driver’ director Edgar Wright

Celebrating the release of his new film, the already-successful Baby Driver, Edgar Wright returned to New Zealand where we’d previously talked The World’s End. Read on, as he chats with Steve Newall about his hit music-drenched-car-chase-romance-action-comedy-heist movie. FLICKS: Congratulations. It’s been a few years in the making, but you’ve had another major career milestone, which [...] Full article

Interview: ‘Baby Driver’ star Ansel Elgort

While looking on paper a risky proposition – a music-infused, car-focused, heist comedy-drama-romance – Baby Driver is certain to become director Edgar Wright’s most commercially successful movie to date after a stunning first weekend at the US box office. Wright was in New Zealand to promote the film’s release – alongside his hard-driving, iPod-loving, lead Ansel [...] Full article

Box Office Top 10, July 12

Box Office Top 10, July 12

A three-booted superhero swings straight to the top of the Box Office this week while the third film in the former-villain-turned-hero franchise steps down a peg. Australia Box Office WEEK ENDING JULY 12 1. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Sony) $14,039,449 2. Despicable Me 3 (Universal) $6,952,187 3. Cars 3 (Disney) $3,258,229 4. Wonder Woman (Warner Bros.) $1,874,634 [...] Full article

Review: ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Upends Expectations

Forget your usual blockbuster fare like cities getting flattened or aliens punching each other, the greatest special effect in War for the Planet of the Apes is a close-up of a chimp’s face. The collaboration between Andy Serkis and the digital artists that create Caesar is still miraculous, and watching him silently grapple with a decision [...] Full article