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Review: ‘The Emoji Movie’ is Excruciating Mental Torture

Dumb puns, uninspired 3D animation and a script that may well have actually been written in emojis, The Emoji Movie is a tale of emotional icons that certainly got me [angry red face emoji] at this [turd emoji]. T.J. Miller stars as Gene, a multi-expressional emoji living in Textopolis – a digital city in a [...] Full article

Review: ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Stumbles But Never Loses Its Footing

Managing to be even more ridiculous than its predecessor, Kingsman: The Golden Circle sadly lacks the surprise factor of Matthew Vaughn’s 2014 breath of fresh (sometimes wonderfully foul) air. Unable to repeat the apprenticeship aspect of The Secret Service, its sequel kicks off with formerly-wayward youth Eggsy now a fully-fledged Kingsman agent, and attempts to [...] Full article

Review: ‘LEGO Ninjago’ Plays Out Exactly How You Think It Will

It’s a tough act following the masterful LEGO Movie and the greatest Batman film since The Dark Knight, but the LCU gives it a decent shot with their Ninjago brand. Playing as an earnest expression of the West’s love affair with Eastern films, The LEGO Ninjago Movie covers everything from ’70s kung fu cinema to [...] Full article

Review: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ is Poetic, Inspiring, Haunting, & Absolutely Necessary

I Am Not Your Negro is poetic, inspiring, haunting, and absolutely necessary. Constructed from the unfinished text of James Baldwin’s manuscript “Remember This House”, Raoul Peck’s film stitches together a visual tapestry worthy of the late Civil Rights activist’s writings. It’s not only the story of the African-American in America, but America itself — as [...] Full article

Review: Intensely Horrific ‘mother!’ Goes to Some Truly Crazy Places

I’d put Darren Aronofsky alongside Quentin Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese as one of the finest American filmmakers working today. His latest, however, is more like a David Lynch film: something challenging to decode that’ll be hugely rewarding to some and simply frustrating to others. Obsession plays a central role, as it does [...] Full article

Review: ‘Victoria and Abdul’ Wobbles All the Way to the End

Look, I’m all for an unlikely friendship story. A budgie and a lion cub? Sign me up. The Hound and Arya Stark? Absolutely love it. A reigning ancient monarch who forces a young Indian servant to hang out with her all the time because she’s a bit bored? Hmm, sounds troubling. Even if loosely based [...] Full article

Review: ‘American Assassin’ is a Generic Slice of Counter-Terror Wish-Fulfillment

Considering how generic this slice of vaguely xenophobic counter-terror wish-fulfillment is, it comes as a surprise how bloody American Assassin turns out to be. From the get-go, the film’s violence is frequently shocking (well, R16-level shocking, not the fully traumatising kind). Quickly squandering any emotional investment in its lead, American Assassin dares you to care [...] Full article