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Partial to horror films and anything on the transgressive side, Tony is also a fan of everything from popcorn action flicks to earnest European drama. And maybe, just maybe, the occasional rom com.


Review: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is Enigmatic, Bold & Continually Intriguing

Tony StampReviews | 05 Oct

Denis Villeneuve is some kind of cinematic magician. He bounces between genres, masters them all, and has now resurrected a 35-year-old classic and made it his own. It’s like he soaked in the essence of Blade Runner and channelled it into this new story, which continues the original’s themes regarding sentience, expands on them, then […]

Review: ‘The Beguiled’ is Engaging & Dryly Funny

Tony StampReviews | 17 Aug

Sofia Coppola’s Civil War drama sees an injured Union soldier played by Colin Farrell at the mercy of Nicole Kidman and the inhabitants of her boarding school. It’s fertile ground for a modern-minded bodice-ripper, and the psychological dance between Farrell and the various women (and girls), is quietly thrilling. The Beguiled is Coppola’s most accessible […]

Review: ‘The Trip to Spain’ is Still Good-Natured, But Never Fully Gels

Tony StampReviews | 17 Aug

The Trip series is hard to categorise. You can expect a lot of comedic riffing, some nice-looking meals and scenery, with a smidgen of emotional depth. They’re mostly inert plot-wise, but they’re nice to hang out in for a few hours. And not necessarily because Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are good company. Everyone knows […]

Review: ‘Baby Driver’ is Realised With Passion and Attention to Detail

Tony StampReviews | 20 Jul

You might know the feeling: you’re walking along, ear buds in, enjoying a favourite song. Before long your pace is in time with the beat, and your surroundings start to feel in sync with the music. That’s the concept behind Baby Driver, told from the perspective of someone whose buds never leave his ears, and who’s less […]