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Review: ‘Mountain’ is Gripping, Hypnotic, Poetic & Awe-Inducing

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Minimal narration from Willem Dafoe makes for engrossing viewing here that puts the emphasis squarely on spectacular footage of… mountains. Often playing tricks with one’s sense of scale, never mind inducing occasional vertigo (as the camera looks down an insanely long drop over the shoulder of an even more insane free climber, for example), Mountain […]

Review: ‘Flatliners’ is Light on Thrills, Chemistry & Frights

Steve NewallReviews

As with the 1990 original, this year’s version of Flatliners sees young medical students taking their lives into their own hands, temporarily inducing death in an effort to peer beyond the veil and into the afterlife. You may have already detected that this is a Very. Bad. Idea. Because something follows Ellen Page and her […]