Maria Lewis



Here’s 10 Aussie female filmmakers who deserve their own Hollywood blockbuster

Maria LewisFeatures | 21 Jul

Now that Australian Cate Shortland has been announced as the director of Marvel’s Black Widow – which is rumoured to be shooting in Queensland – Maria Lewis presents 10 other Aussie women who could (and we reckon should) helm the next Hollywood blockbuster. Who: Leah Purcell Why: Cleverman was arguably the most important thing to happen […]

How Skyscraper reminds us of the enduring excellence of Neve Campbell

Maria LewisFeatures | 16 Jul

Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s latest BDB (Big Dumb Blockbuster) is surprising for a lot of reasons, namely how enjoyable it is. For audiences who grew up in the 90s, Skyscraper also marks the mainstream return of Neve Campbell, writes Maria Lewis.  In a decade when bubblegum pop, pierced navels and Hit Me Baby One More […]

The female superhero has risen, and she’s not leaving anytime soon

Maria LewisFeatures | 15 Jun

The superhero landscape has changed. Women are (finally!) storming the gates. Best-selling author and cultural commentator Maria Lewis explains how we got here, and exciting things in store for the future. When discussing the rise of the female superhero, men are always surprised. ‘Oh, but Elektra and Catwoman were such disasters at the box office,’ […]