Jenna Guillaume


Jenna Guillaume is a freelance writer and editor, a young adult author and former editor-at-large of Buzzfeed Australia


Why The Umbrella Academy might beat your superhero fatigue

Jenna GuillaumeFeatures | 02 Jul

The current glut of superhero stories can be a little exhausting. That’s where The Umbrella Academy comes in. The Netflix show captures a different way to explore superheroes and is an excellent palette cleanser, writes Jenna Guillaume.  Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has officially been renewed for a second season, which means if you haven’t jumped […]

These disappointing Netflix films remind us of what makes a great teen movie

Jenna GuillaumeFeatures | 23 Apr

Recent Netflix teen movies The Perfect Date and F the Prom are big disappointments. However from their failings we can learn a lot about what makes a good teen movie, writes Jenna Guillaume.  There’s a moment in The Perfect Date, Netflix’s latest Noah Centineo teen rom-com, in which Centineo’s character – a normal 17-year-old boy – […]