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Glenn Dunks is a freelance writer and film critic from Melbourne.


The Merger review: a bloody ripper of an Australian sports movie

Glenn DunksReviews | 13 Aug

The Australian stage is so chock full of great stories that it is a constant oddity of the local film industry that so few of them are ever adapted into movies. I’m not exactly sure how comedian Damian Callinan’s one-man show could have possibly worked on stage considering the logistics of its sprawling character-focused story. […]

Lost Gully Road review: a gothic Australian thriller with a sting in its tail

Glenn DunksReviews | 31 Jul

Films don’t get more independent than this slice of gothic mystery, the sophomore feature from director and co-writer Donna McRae. A step up from her 2011 debut – the black-and-white student film curiosity Johnny Ghost, which won her awards at both Melbourne and Berlin underground film festivals – Lost Gully Road is a suspenseful yet […]

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again review: this belated sequel is fabulous escapism

Glenn DunksReviews | 19 Jul

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Just the title alone sounds like a threat. That pun of a subtitle certainly doesn’t fill one with confidence that this ten-years-later blend of sequel and prequel is going to be any different to the rather ghastly original. Thankfully, whatever it was that kept the 2008 film from capturing […]

10 films that define the legendary Australian editor Jill Bilcock

Glenn DunksFeatures | 05 Jul

Jill Bilcock is one of Australia’s greatest film practitioners. Probably the most successful film editor this country has ever produced, Bilcock has the unique distinction of editing six of the 20 highest-grossing Australian films of all time (plus a whole host of critical darlings and award winners). An Oscar nominee for Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!, […]