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Craig Mathieson is a film and television critic with Fairfax Media, contributor to The Monthly, and creator of the streaming review site BINGE-R.


Top 20 best action films on Netflix and Stan

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Before there were action movies there was the action scene: a flickering 1920s Hollywood delight of physical expressiveness or heroic daring conjured up for a backlot western or a costumed period adventure. Eventually, with bigger budgets and dedicated filmmakers, the action film became a kinetic genre unto itself. But even now the fight scene, car […]

Films arriving on Netflix and Stan in July

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Another month, another smattering of films soon to arrive on Netflix and Stan. What are these films, we hear you ask? Here’s a guide to titles arriving on Netflix and Stan in July, from critic Craig Mathieson. NETFLIX The Fast and the Furious franchise (July 1) Need a high-octane binge? All seven films in the […]