Blake Howard


Blake Howard is a Sydney-based film critic


Wayne, a documentary about racer Wayne Gardner, slows down when it should speed up

Blake HowardReviews | 07 Sep

The documentary Wayne chronicles the meteoric rise of Wayne Gardner to the peak of MotoGP racing and his success eclipsing the post-apocalyptic biker imagery in the Australian consciousness, thanks to films like Mad Max and Stone. Gardner essentially willed himself from Australian steel town Wollongong through the international racing ranks and onto the grid of […]

Living Universe review: the great Dr Karl Kruszelinicki narrates ho-hum science project

Blake HowardReviews | 10 Aug

In the educational documentary Living Universe, the narrator – beloved Australian scientist and radio personality Dr Karl Kruszelinicki – explains that the Kepler Telescope has beamed back images of Earth-sized ‘exoplanets’ in the so-called ‘Goldie Locks Zone’ region of the Milky Way. The Kepler mission confirms that almost every star has at least one planet, and that […]