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Review: ‘The Emoji Movie’ is Excruciating Mental Torture

Adam FrescoReviews | 21 Sep

Dumb puns, uninspired 3D animation and a script that may well have actually been written in emojis, The Emoji Movie is a tale of emotional icons that certainly got me [angry red face emoji] at this [turd emoji]. T.J. Miller stars as Gene, a multi-expressional emoji living in Textopolis – a digital city in a […]

Review: ‘Patti Cake$’ Delivers a Big, Bold, Anti-Body-Shaming Tale

Adam FrescoReviews | 31 Aug

Geremy Jasper’s fictional story of plus-sized would-be New Jersey rapper Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Killa P, a.k.a. Patti Cake$, is a clichéd crowd-pleaser that’s so energetic, the “been-there, seen-that” cynic in me surrendered to its gritty simplicity. Whilst it’ll never be accused of originality, it does boast a big heart, a superb young cast, a cracking […]

Review: Tom Cruise Gives His Best Performance in Years in ‘American Made’

Adam FrescoReviews | 24 Aug

After a dull Jack Reacher sequel and Mummy misfire, it’s good to see Tom Cruise back with Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. Based on a true story, Cruise plays maverick top gun TWA pilot Barry Seal, recruited by the Carter then Regan-era CIA for covert op’s in Central America, first piloting a spy plane, […]