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At an impressionable young age, Aaron was traumatised by Philippe Mora's 1982 monster flick The Beast Within and has never looked back.


Cargo review: a poignant Australian zombie movie

Aaron YapReviews | 21 May

Often when it seems like there’s nowhere for zombie movies to go, a little out-of-left-field film comes along to prove you wrong, squeezing a smidgen more life out of the genre’s exhausted conventions. Aussie epidemic pic Cargo does just that: injecting bracing, subtle layers into long-established flesh-munching lore while not completely reinventing anything. Its family-in-peril […]

Review: ‘Final Portrait’ Succumbs to Half-Baked Slightness

Aaron YapReviews | 03 Oct

“A couple of hours”, Swiss-Italian artist Alberto Giacometti says, estimating the time-frame it might take to complete a portrait of his latest subject, American writer and friend James Lord. It’s also the duration that Stanley Tucci’s film feels like, even though it comes in at a slim 90 minutes. Based on Lord’s book A Giacometti […]

Review: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ is Poetic, Inspiring, Haunting, & Absolutely Necessary

Aaron YapReviews | 18 Sep

I Am Not Your Negro is poetic, inspiring, haunting, and absolutely necessary. Constructed from the unfinished text of James Baldwin’s manuscript “Remember This House”, Raoul Peck’s film stitches together a visual tapestry worthy of the late Civil Rights activist’s writings. It’s not only the story of the African-American in America, but America itself — as […]

Review: Guess What? ‘Annabelle: Creation’ Ain’t Bad

Aaron YapReviews | 10 Aug

One of last year’s best horror surprises was Mike Flanagan’s Ouija: Origin of Evil, a film that looked and sounded like another franchise cash-in, but was in reality much, much better than that (and definitely better than the first Ouija). Similarly, Annabelle: Creation doesn’t inspire highest of hopes, being an origin story for the titular […]

Review: ‘John Wick 2’ Contains More Expertly Choreographed Knife-to-the-Balls Ultraviolence

Aaron YapReviews | 16 May

One could easily argue John Wick didn’t need a Chapter 2. This sleeper hit was a crystalline model of B-movie simplicity, a sleek, pleasingly straightforward, self-contained revenge actioner that blessed Keanu Reeves with a career-jump-starting role. But the film’s tantalising, comic booky world-building elements were hard to ignore, teasing at the potential of exploring the […]

Review: ‘The Sense of an Ending’ Sinks Into Middlebrow Mediocrity

Aaron YapReviews | 16 May

The generally reliable presence of Brit stalwarts Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling can only do so much heavy lifting to prevent this underwhelming adaptation of Julian Barnes’ novel from sinking into middlebrow mediocrity. It’s a clear example of a work that probably exists more convincingly in literary form; whatever emotional punch its source appears to […]

Review: ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is Too Much Pupper Schmaltz

Aaron YapReviews | 03 May

If you’re someone who’s willing to risk life and limb to photographically preserve the souls of random canine passers-by on your Instagram, it’s likely that A Dog’s Purpose would appeal to that level of fanaticism. But even so, sometimes too much is too much, and this exercise in pupper schmaltz has definitely hit my ceiling. […]