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At an impressionable young age, Aaron was traumatised by Philippe Mora's 1982 monster flick The Beast Within and has never looked back.


Cargo review: a poignant Australian zombie movie

Aaron YapReviews | 21 May

Often when it seems like there’s nowhere for zombie movies to go, a little out-of-left-field film comes along to prove you wrong, squeezing a smidgen more life out of the genre’s exhausted conventions. Aussie epidemic pic Cargo does just that: injecting bracing, subtle layers into long-established flesh-munching lore while not completely reinventing anything. Its family-in-peril […]

Review: ‘Final Portrait’ Succumbs to Half-Baked Slightness

Aaron YapReviews | 03 Oct

“A couple of hours”, Swiss-Italian artist Alberto Giacometti says, estimating the time-frame it might take to complete a portrait of his latest subject, American writer and friend James Lord. It’s also the duration that Stanley Tucci’s film feels like, even though it comes in at a slim 90 minutes. Based on Lord’s book A Giacometti […]

Review: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ is Poetic, Inspiring, Haunting, & Absolutely Necessary

Aaron YapReviews | 18 Sep

I Am Not Your Negro is poetic, inspiring, haunting, and absolutely necessary. Constructed from the unfinished text of James Baldwin’s manuscript “Remember This House”, Raoul Peck’s film stitches together a visual tapestry worthy of the late Civil Rights activist’s writings. It’s not only the story of the African-American in America, but America itself — as […]

Review: Guess What? ‘Annabelle: Creation’ Ain’t Bad

Aaron YapReviews | 10 Aug

One of last year’s best horror surprises was Mike Flanagan’s Ouija: Origin of Evil, a film that looked and sounded like another franchise cash-in, but was in reality much, much better than that (and definitely better than the first Ouija). Similarly, Annabelle: Creation doesn’t inspire highest of hopes, being an origin story for the titular […]